Giro d’Italia 2024 – Stage 9

The day before the rest day. The first week always takes it toll on us preview writers. Not much of a report I can get you. UAE are apparently stronger than I thought and the breakaway riders are still playing hard-to-get.

Stage 9

213.5 km. And a few wrinkles near the end.

Moving down south, finishing in Naples.


I know what you think. Is this too hard for some of the sprinters?

Penultimate is 1.7 km at 5.1%.
Ultimate is 2.8 km at 4.8%.

I think it is hard enough to distance a few, or at least making heir life a living hell.

Downhill afterwards. Ten a roundabout (I don’t know what to call that big U-turn 1000m out). Then a proper 3-lane boulevard sprint afterwards.


The weather stays good. There is a crosswind section but in Italy, 15-20 km/h is not enough for echelons.

I notice the tailwind in the finale, it plays in to the advantage of the breakaway playin hard-to-get.


Milan – they have the strongest sprint train. And the train is still intact. It is very much up to them, if we see a sprint or not. We saw the other stage that the other teams are playing… eh… the game foolish. There is a scenario where they simply decide the points jersey is the objective.

Merlier – I doubt he will enjoy this sprint very much. He is a first-week sprinter, and the first week has been tough.

Kooij – top-3, even without Laporte.

Groves – he is climbing fucking well. I expect a top-3 and the team to put the pressure on.

Bauhaus – top-5. Sutterlin and Pasqualon will not be tired after eight days.

Ewan – climbing well. A top-5.

Valgren – breakaway hope #1

B. Thomas – breakaway hope #2

L. Askey – breakaway hope #3

A. Vendrame breakaway hope #4

Who will win?

Johnny Milan.

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