Giro d’Italia 2024 – Stage 14

The second time trial of race.


It has around 250 vertical meters, despite what it says below. Atleast according to VeloViewer and LaFlammeRouge.

And here the 3D profile.


Wind from West. A headwind the first 12.5 km and more of a cross-tailwind on the flatter 18.5 km home


I’d expect sub-40 minute times. Not much below it though. It means that we can use the first time trial for quite a bit, as it had a checkpoint roughly after 35 km of racing.

As you can see, one rider shined more than the others. Then remember, the wind that changed for the lat starters too.

Ganna – he was superior on the flat section. And he would have been too even with similar wind as the GC men. He starts as the man to beat.

Pogacar – I’d expect him to challenge for the podium here.

Sheffield – it would be a big result to get in the podium. He is an excellent time trial rider.

Arensman – top 10

Thomas – I’d expect a better performance from him tomorrow. He just had one of those days last time.

Plapp – he looks better despite illness in the second week. Top-10.

Who will win?

I will take a win for Ganna.

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