Giro d’Italia 2024 – Stage 5

It was a stage where many would have been thrilled getting through it unscathed. That was not the case today as a wet descent had riders falling. Narvaez, O’Connor, Molano, Vernon, Girmay, Mayrhoffer, Trentin, Touzé and Rubio were among them. Molano had a late puncture, a real shame for anyone having him on their fantasy roster (me…).

Other than that, LIDL-Trek looked brilliant in the battle for position and INEOS are still the best teams in terms of positioning among the GC teams. A lot of teams had a good lead-out today despite the circumstances and Ganna’s Hail Mary. Laporte, Van Lerberghe and Consonni win as the lead-out riders of the day.

Stage 5

A day with a lumpy start. This is what I think of, when we talk a classic Giro d’Italia sprint stage. The breakaway gets a lead and after Passo del Bracco, the teams with a sprinter will start to take on their job. I think the lumpy start is quite hard, meaning it will be difficult to control the breakaway. Plus, you don’t want to distance your sprinter.

Moving down the coast, just passing above La Spezia and Cinque Terre. A wonderful place in Italy. They’ve also decided to have a bonus sprint at the foot of the last climb. I wonder if anyone wants to shake things up here?


With 30 km left, things will change. A bonus sprint just 28 km from the line. Then a short climb.

This is the Montemagno. Not a climb we’ve seen a lot. Twisty and turny but should pose as a big problem for most of the sprinters as it is merely 4%.

Last 5 km.

It feels odd to say but this will likely be the first real test between the sprint trains. A river crossing 3500m out, followed by a very fast section through the city. Then they hit the cobbles 2800m out. Two sharp turns with 2600m and 2500m left and the cobblestones are over.

Two roundabouts before the 2k mark unto a big boulevard. Another roundabout 600m out that will make sure it is single file from here, and another with just 300m left before the sprint.

You want to be at the very front with three men at the penultimate roundabout 600m out. Otherwise, it looks too late.


It looks like a tailwind for the most part. It surely makes it easier getting in the breakaway. The wind speed is fairly low, just around 2-3 m/s.

How will the stage unfold?

I think plenty of teams want a sprint. Merlier has a win. Milan has a win. Kooij, Groves and Jakobsen are the “big sprinters” who still need theirs. They were already fooled once, which means they likely will take any chance they get. It doesn’t mean the breakaway is without hope. A nice tailwind and a few fairly tough days. The last hill is where the need to save their energy. The sprinters and their teams can’t take that much there and it is a long descent from there.

Still, I tip it 80% towards the sprint. Very few teams look discontent with that outcome.


Milan – I think LIDL-Trek have done an excellent job. A bit on the sloppy side on stage 3 but excellent by Consonni today. They are strong climbers and they are a strong unit. Milan is the quickest here and so far, the team has done a superb job keeping him near the front. He will start as the favorite.

Merlier – the climb very close to the line has not been optimal. He doesn’t cope well with it, if you ask me. I think Van Lerberghe is doing excellent but they are a bit stubborn, as they mostly works as a duo. Merlier can handle it, same goes for his lead-out. Yet, it is still risky. If they can just stay near the front and make their move between the roundabouts, Merlier doesn’t mind a long sprint.

Kooij – lacked some speed today. Laporte had a great timing but I do think he may be struggling a bit with his knee after the crash. A top-5.

Groves – Alpecin-Deceuninck are doing a wonderful job. Always at the front and Groves seems reborn. Third today was brilliant, I doubt he can do much better on such an easy stage.

Bauhaus – Always consistent. Pasqualon burned his matches today and Phil still finished high up. Another top-5. The two of them are a great duo.

Jakobsen – will he get dropped? He has climbed awfully this year. Lund-Andresen will be worth his weight in gold tomorrow but it all depends on Jakobsens ability to climb.

Dainese – I think Tudor needs a word too. Always present near the front and Trentin is a great lead-out man. He often wins on easier days, but it is a matter of time before the rest learns of his speed.

De Marchi – breakaway hope #1

M. Bais – breakaway hope #2

Honore – breakaway hope #3

Who will win?

You need a long sprint train tomorrow and a sprinter willing to start early as they have a tailwind. I’ll go for Jonathan Milan once again, he simply looks too strong and LIDL-Trek looks like the best of the long sprint trains.

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