Giro d’Italia 2024 – Stage 3

I think I will begin each stage preview with some thoughts from the stage before it. Today, we saw INEOS a bit keen on getting in the early breakaway with Foss and Ganna. A big group got up the road, and it was clear to me, that UAE don’t have the capabilities to control a chaotic start. Molano did it more or less on his own. It is thought for later, they gave up rather quickly the INEOS riders. Plus, will the UAE tactic be to send someone up the road with them in the future?


A lot of riders who started off poorly will be happy to get a few days like this. Just 676 climbing meters and a few bumps towards the end.

The riders race south from Novara to Fossano.


A short climb will make a few sprinters lose their position. If they have not fixed the surface, the asphalt looks to be very slow, meaning the climb is harder than it actually is. We are talking 1600m at 4.8% before it flattens out.

The last turn is with 1300m left, a late surge is possible. I spot road furniture 800m out and a small roundabout 600m from the line. Despite the organizers claiming it is a road with a width of 9 meters, there is plenty of road furniture on the run-in.


It stays warm. It will likely be a TV-breakaway getting up the road, the teams with sprinters should have it under control tomorrow.


Groves – without any elite lead-out. You could argue Kielich and Planckert can do they job, I think they will be overmatched. Plus, his season so far hasn’t been very good. A top-10

Girmay – not the best season he has had so far. He was extremely good Down Under but ever since he got to Europe, the level hasn’t been the same. They bring a decent squad around, good enough for him to challenge for a top-10.

Milan – here with Eddy, Jasper and Consonni. That is an A-tier leadout. He was very dominant in Tirreno-Adriatico and even had the entire world of cycling in awe when he attacked in Gent-Wevelgem. He will start as one of the main favorites here.

Gaviria – let’s see if he opens up his sprint from the last corner 1300m out. Just joking. Around top-10.

Merlier – him and Bert van Lerberghe make a great duo. I wonder where they’ll throw in Lamperti and Cerny. He is very good at surfing wheels, he will enjoy the chaos that always comes with the first sprint stage. He should finish in the top-3.

Jakobsen – I didn’t watch Tour of Turkey. But I do know his lead-out man won three stages, which is not a very good sign. They went there to boost morale, let’s see if it pays off in a Grand Tour.

Ewan – he has Mezgec and Walscheid. Let’s see if it is another year where the pocket rocket decides he doesn’t need a sprint train. I wouldn’t get my hopes up. As you make your bed, so you must lie on it.

Kooij – had a crash today but seems fine. I think he has the best lead-out there is. Tim van Dijk, Affini and Laporte. That will be tough to beat. One thing going against them is that they don’t have a lot of experience together. A top-3.

Bauhaus – consistent and very good. A top-5.

Who will win?

I will take a win for Johnny Milan. I think the climb looks tougher than it is, which comes in handy for the Italian. Merlier and Kooij as his biggest rivals.

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