La Flèche Wallonne 2024

They’ve decided to change the route. They’ve made it less selective. I’m not certain that is the direction I would have taken the race. However, the Mur de Huy deserves to be the deciding factor in the race.


Back with Côte d’Ereffe and out with Côte de Cherave (1000m at 9.4%) that is what they decided. It generally means a less selective race.

Starts in Charleloi, rides south of Namur and ends in Huy with a few laps.

The laps in Huy.

This is the 2023-edition with Côte d’Ereffe, Côte de Cherave and Mur de Huy.

This year, they skip Côte de Cherave (I think I’ve mentioned it by now)… It likely means a finale up the Mur de Huy.

And here you have it. The best will do it around 3:20.


Not very windy but it looks rainy in Huy. It should rain on the last two laps.

How will the race unfold?

They’ve made the race easier. That should be the first step towards controlling the race. Skjelmose was confident in his post-race interview at Amstel Gold Race, saying that he expect the other teams to look to them. I doubt the other teams view Skjelmose in that regard, he will not be the sole favorite.

We saw in Amstel Gold Race a clear change in race dynamics. Why? No clear favorite (atleast if you ask me, I said loud and clear than MvdP was completely overvalued for Amstel). Could it mean a more open race? With the rain?

I really doubt it. I think we have a couple of teams, who need to rely on their sole leader. Skjelmose, Teuns, Benoot, Cosnefroy and Pidcock – just to mention some of them. We will see the classic finale.


Skjelmose – they picked the wrong tactic in AGR. Usually it would be wise just to wait for MvdP to attack but that wasn’t the case on Sunday. He was 2nd on the Mur in 2023, .

Hirschi – he won the race back in 2020. Marc is a brilliant rider but he tends to struggle with positioning. His level in AGR was good, he will likely fight for his second win. UAE have one of the strongest teams here and that is an important factor.

Teuns – it is his speciality. I have seen good signs from him throughout the spring, it took him some time to get back to his best at ISPT. He won in 2022, I think he is a solid top-10 contender. The team will have numbers in the finale.

Benoot – top-10. I think the form looks on point, meaning a top-5 is a possibility.

Van Gils – top-10.

Buitrago – can the team position him well? It is more or less the question tomorrow. I doubt it. Still, it is selective enough for him to contest a top-10.

Pidcock – it just never really looks to be his climb, does it? And it makes very little sense to me. I think he is a contender for a top-3, he was very good in Amstel.

Vlasov – On paper, a good finish for him.

Laurance – too tough for him? I think he potentially can get a top-10.

Gaudu – he seems back after a tough start to the season. I think it will be another top -10 this year.

Who will win?

I will say Mattias Skjelmose again.

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