Volta Ciclista a Catalunya 2024 – Stage 4 Preview

A lot of riders will be happy with the stage tomorrow, as we only see one climb. It should be a day for the sprinters, unless a strong breakaway fools them.


Just 1100 climbing meters. The climb is too far out of any moves.

Moving south.


It is full of roundabouts. You can spot them. In Spain, the rule of thumb is that both way around are an option.

4750m out, pick the right side.

3900m out, both sides are an option.

3600m out, take the left side.

3100m out, take the left side.

2750m out, only the right side is an option.

The same goes for the one 1500m, 1300m out and 900m out.

Then, the last 750m run-in looks like a boulevard sprint.


A lovely headwind and above 20 degrees C.


Van den Berg – it will be up to the Americans to control the stage tomorrow. Looking at the team, it is full of climbers. I’d imagine Sean Quinn is the leadout-man, he does pack some speed. However, I can’t guarantee he will be in a pole position, when the sprint starts.

Coquard – not really his type of sprint. He does enjoy a technical run-in but he does not have a lot of support. He never really has had a lot of support in the sprints, so I’d imagine he will contest for a top-3.

Marit – another sprinter with little to no help. He should be one of the fastest here, meaning he actually has a decent shot at winning tomorrow.

Aular – he enjoys a sprint in Spain. A top-10 is almost a certainty.

Hayter – 149th on the first stage. It is not a good sign. I’d imagine Puccio will have a long day tomorrow, making sure we see a sprint. In the finale, I’d imagine Thomas can do a proper lead-out. This season has not worked out for him, I do wonder what went wrong.

Garcia Cortina – a top-10 contestant.

Laurance – I’d imagine a top-3 isn’t out of reach. I still have a hard time telling you, just how talented he is. I think is better after a tougher stage.

Schelling – Breakaway hope #1

Baudin – Breakaway hope #2

Frigo – Breakaway hope #3

Godon – Breakaway hope #4

Who will win?

Marijn van den Berg should be the best sprinter here.

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