Paris – Nice 2024 – Stage 7 Preview

This race is a positive surprise. I thought Evenepoel and Roglic would dominate the race. So far, they have been the two riders everyone has been looking at. Then, outsiders have benefitted from it. We have a change in the route, let’s see what it brings.


A tough start that could see a strong breakaway get up the road. Then, I would advise you not to underestimate Madone d’Utelle. Another important thing is the distance. 103.7 km is short at that means the start will be very fast.

The riders got to the coast in merely seven days. That means heading north towards the Alps.

Here you have the climbs in the first third of the stage. Four short climbs, the first being 4 km at 4-5%, while the last three being 2 km at 4-5%.

Then it all comes down to Madone d’Utelle. Interesting with bonus seconds halfway through. It was used in 2016 with none other than Zakarin winning.


Not a lot of wind but it will rain again. The temperature will be around 7 degrees C.


McNulty – he is going very well today. Could he have won the UAE Tour? I think so. I will gladly admit, I think he will lose the jersey tomorrow. He is not a pure climber but he will be happy with the gradients, it will allow him to diesel. Almeida and Vine need to commit to helping him and do their own pace.

Jorgensen – He will go well tomorrow. He was 5th on Thyon 2000 last season, on a rainy and cold day in Romandie. To be fair, he is the prime candidate to take the jersey tomorrow.

Plapp – a long climb for him and he hasn’t looked very good the past two days. I think he moves down in the GC.

Skjelmose – he is not a pure climber. However, he did take a stage win in Tour de Suisse last year beating some very prominent climbers. He should move up a place or two tomorrow.

Evenepoel – so, time to see what he can do. Always on the backfoot and letting him self feel “like the main character”. Perhaps the best thing they can do is sit back and the launch before the intermediate sprint. The gradients are good for him tomorrow but the other riders know him by now and he is fairly predictable.

Bernal – a cold and rainy day sounds good for the Columbian. A top-10 is very likely.

Gall – I think he has looked extremely good considering what kind of rider he is. I hope he has bought Paret-Peintre a good bottle of wine as thank you by now. He will be one of the best tomorrow.

Tejada – climbing well, a top-10.

Buitrago – unfortunately he crashed today. It leaves him a bit of freedom and the legs look more than okay.

Roglic – Has he played the long game? Is it all just for show? I simply can’t tell.

Who will win?

I will take a win for the best climber here at the moment. I think that is Felix Gall.

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