UAE Tour 2024 – GC Preview

Sorry for missing out on the last stage in Portugal. Let’s see if we can wrap up the entirety of a race.

Stage 1

Fuck yes. San Luca profiles are back. 1600m of climbing is quite a lot for a desert race.

Stage 2

Time trial. Individual. On the same Island as the 2021 stage 2 time trial but a difference course.

Stage 3

Jebel Jais. Usually not that selective. The UAE’s Alto da Fóia.

Stage 4

Sprint stage.

Stage 5

Sprint stage.

Stage 6

Sprint again.

Stage 7

There you have it. Jebel Hafeet. The most selective of the two climbing days.


Sunny, 22-24 degrees C most days. You know the wind can play a big role, often bigger than most of the climbs.

Stage 1: Possibility of echelons
Stage 2: TT – no echelons chances
Stage 3: Very small chance
Stage 4: Unlikely
Stage 5: Nope
Stage 6: No
Stage 7: Don’t think so

Always good to assume your picks knows how to ride in crosswinds in these parts of the world.


Adam Yates – Starts as the favorite. He will be the big favorite for two days with climbing but he must not miss the echelons again this year, it costed him a better place than 3rd overall. I guess the sponsors were not too happy with it but they let their second in command try to handle the business again this year. He has already shown great legs in Oman.

McNulty – The American looks like he just finished shooting “Masters of the Air” in the pre-season. He looked good on Mallorca before winning Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana. We will see how they play him with Yates, given his current form he isn’t to be ruled out. He missed the echelons too back in 2023.

Bilbao – always challenging for the podium here. I think his chances for a top-3 spot is great again this year, he tends to go very well on Jabel Hafeet.

O’Connor – one race this year. One win. It seem that the Giro d’Italia is his big goal this spring and it a few months out. Still, he tends to start his seasons well, and he will likely hope for the podium here. He had some good time trials last season – something he will hope can give him a small edge compared to his competitors.

Foss – INEOS man. Let’s see if they can make him rise from the ashes. With potential echelons and a time trial, his big stature helps him. I just think Jebel Hafeet is too difficult for him. Or in other words, he isn’t at some of the purer climbers here.

Riccitello – echelons and 55 kg doesn’t sound good. He missed the split too back in 2023. But he is a good climber, who finished a Grand Tour last season (usually makes them better) and a 4th in Tour de l’Avenir. He is a damn good climber and maybe it is enough to get a top-10.

Van Eetvelt – a young Belgian rider is on the rise. Given his Mallorca debut this season, he looks to be in very good form. The main issue will be the time trial and the echelons. Still, I look forward to seeing him against the likes of Adam Yates.

Van Wilder – a way to keep a rider happy is letting him get his own races. I don’t think he should spent his career with Evenepoel glued to his wheel, it would be a waste of talent. He is good on the flat, good against the clock but I think Jebel Hafeet will be his doom. Still, a top-10.

Poole – A good young climber. He isn’t the worst against the clock but I do expect him to lose time. He will make himself known to more people after Jebel Jais and Jebel Hafeet.

Who will win?

I think UAE will be aware this year and don’t miss the splits. A win for A. Yates.

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