Volta ao Algarve em Bicicleta 2024 – Stage 3 Preview

Second chance for the sprinters.


A long day with 2100 meters of climbing.


Remember the day Magnus Cort started his sprint 400m out after the “we-are-just-going-for-bonus-seconds” group stayed away. This is the finale.

With a roundabout 1250m and 750m out and a corner 400m out, expect things to be strung out by the time we reach the sprint. You want a good train to keep you near the front.


Less wind, just about 3-4 m/s from the north. It should not rain tomorrow as well.


Thijssen – messy and lucky his first win of the year. Nonetheless, it builds confidence. For a long time, they did look like one of the strongest lead-outs. It looked like Rex was the last man to drop of Gerben, I’m note sure that is the best way going forward. With four strong guys, I expect him to finish on the podium.

M. van den Berg – impressive as he started so far back the other day. It is a big problem of his, he does not have the same support compared to the other sprinters.

Meeus – he has the power but what a gear to start a sprint. He too started far back too, another podium tomorrow would count as a good result. With the team protecting the jersey, he will likely be on his own tomorrow.

Démare – looked a man short on the first stage and finished 5th. They team should hope for more given the strength of the train.

Wout van Aert – does he sneak away for the bonus-sprint with Tratnik and a few other riders, who are awake? Evenepoel is likely up for the dance.

Who will win?

Intermarché got it right the first time, I think they will get it right tomorrow too. Another win for Thijssen.

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