Volta ao Algarve em Bicicleta 2024 – Stage 1 Preview

Sprint stage.

Route and finale

It is quite simple, the group will gradually get drawn out to a line – Evenepoel destroyed the run-in back in 2022. It is a proper boulevard sprint. The two roundabouts with 1100m and 750m left is where it gets stretched out nicelyYou can move up in the finale 1000 meters, the road is quite wide. Keep calm, safe three riders – go to the front when the timing is right.


The wind is blowing tomorrow. 8 m/s. Now, this is Portugal. There is going to be hills and trees everywhere. Still, I would keep in mind that it can affect the race – everyone will be nervous. It means a headwind sprint too, just like in 2023 where Wærenskjold did a wonderful leadout for Kristoff.


Meeus – Not the strongest train but he rarely has. He has a very high top speed, that is the reason why you win in Paris after 21 stages of riding Le Tour. The lack of support means he has an average of 2-3 wins per season.

Démare – new team. Arkéa. Some speed here, huh. Senechal has worked in the QuickStep train before, Biermans and McLay have some speed. We will see how smooth the train rides tomorrow, I don’t think they will by in sync just yet.

M. van den Berg – another rider with little help. He has had a good start to the season despite just one podium. He is to me not a pure sprinter but he will hope for another podium tomorrow.

Thijssen – Page and Teunissen. You don’t get many better than Teunissen. He already has a win to his name this season, beating a few riders on this list. He will have the confidence to take another.

Van Uden – I think it is fitting “A New Kid in Town” just came on my headphones when I had to write about the new kid in town. He took his first win this year, down in the Middle-East. If he wins here in Portugal, then he has to get used the Life in the Fast Lane.

Van Aert – he didn’t win many bunch sprints in 2023. That doesn’t make him a poor sprinter. There is two sides to this. One, he wants to get back to winning ways. Second, no need to risk your season for a bunch sprint in Portugal. I hope to see him contest for the stage win.

Who will win?

Headwind will make it tough. I will go for Wout van Aert, watch Jan Tratnik drop him off perfectly.

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