Volta ao Algarve em Bicicleta 2024 – GC Preview

A race that rarely changes its format. This year, the time trial is 22 km.

Stage 1

Sprint stage 1. Finish in Lagos, same as in 2022 and 2023.

Stage 2

Different approach to the climb this time. We will see if it changes anything, otherwise a 15-20 group bunch sprint for the stage win on Alto de Fóia.

Stage 3

Second sprint stage. Remember Magnus Cort’s late attack from the “we are just going for bonus seconds we swear” group. That is this one.

Stage 4

Time trial time. 22.3 km is not too far from what we have seen in the past. Ultimately the question is. How much time will you lose to Evenepoel, and can Ganna beat him in his current shape?

Stage 5

Alto do Malhāo. First ascend always bait you into something wild happening. Most important of the climbing days.


Looks sunny for the most part. A chance of rain for stage 2.


Martinez – he won here in 2023 and that was about that. Not really certain what happened. Now, new team. He shouldn’t be dropped on Alto de Fóia, he packs a good time trial and Alto do Malhão isn’t too bad of a climb for him. Let’s see if he starts his European season off well, he did in 2023.

Healy – I’m going with Healy over Costa, simply due to the time trial. He is too good of a rider to have him work solely for others, like in Bességes. He can time trial decently, he will still a minute to Evenepoel (but in fairness, that isn’t too bad). The climbs suit him well. A top-10.

Pidcock – the climbs are made for him, the time trial certainly is not. A top-10.

Ganna – was completely off Down Under. He had stayed off his bike for 6 weeks at that point. Let’s see what he is cooking. He was 2nd here overall in 2023 with a 10th on Alto do Malhão. I think he is a bit off that level but a top-10 is doable.

Tao G. Hart – alright Tao. New colors. A man hit by bad luck too often. He was very consistent up until the crash in the Giro d’Italia. I had him as a favorite after the time trial. A long way to the Tour de France, let’s see if he starts as strong as last season.

Evenepoel – starts as the man to beat. He gave everyone a good beating in Figueira Champions Classic, and a smart move by James Knox helped him. The time trial is to his advantage, they likely won’t drop him on the other stages either.

Wout van Aert – the man of the hour. Some say he doesn’t have flair. Others, that Jumbo need to up their game. I say, hold your horses. It’s mid-February and people think they can predict the rest of the season. He didn’t look too good in Clásica Jaén but that was a bad timing for a puncture. He gave up the chase, I would have too. Zero help and INEOS + UAE just pulling at the front. Don’t read to much into it. He starts as a podium contender for me as he can challenge for all the stages and that means bonus seconds.

Sepp Kuss – Eagle of Durango. I wonder just how much confidence that Vuelta a Espana TT gave him? He looked good in Clásica Jaén despite they removed most of the climbing. I think a top-10 is doable.

Hirschi – UAE’s best card. If the form is good, he will challenge for a top-5.

Who will win?


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