Tour de la Provence 2024 – GC Preview

The race is back after a cancelation in 2023. Compared to 2021 and 2022, we have no mountain stage. Instead, a short prologue to start with followed by a tricky sprint finale on stage 1. Stage 2 is the most difficult stage with 2500 climbing meters. The last stage could be very fun to watch if we see crosswinds!

Stage 1

Prologue in Marseille. Despite the short distance, it could have an impact on the GC.

Stage 2

A sprint day. The finale looks terrifying in terms of safety.

Stage 3

The day for the climbers. We will see if 6.6 km at 4.8% can create a selection or not. One thing is certain, the terrain afterwards (last 26 km) will be a difficult section to create a chase.

Stage 4

Watch out for the wind in the last 100 km.


Will the weather stay nice in France?

Prologue: Very windy TT. A short tailwind section followed by a tough headwind section.

Stage 1: Sunny and not too windy. Warm.

Stage 2: 80% chance of rain.

Stage 3: Windy! Expect echelons.


Godon – I like the route for him. He took a step up last year, which likely means they are going to give him more chances this season. He will lose time against the clock, no doubt, but he will have a good chance at getting back in the GC on stage 2 and stage 3.

Gautherat – I have a good feeling about him. He has won a prologue before and is a versatile sprinter, meaning he may sniff up a bonus second or two.

Zingle – crashed in GP Marseille, so his shape is unknown. He has a decent TT but it is mainly stage 2 I think suits him well. A top-3 is possible.

Bystrøm – new team, so let’s see if he still starts off strong. A top-5 given the peloton starting here is reasonable.

Pedersen – the same story as Etoile de Bessèges. Can they drop him on stage 2? I don’t see a Healy destroying half the group here and making the difference.

Dujardin – not starting the season off very well so far. I think he can challenge for a top-5. He will be in contention for stage 2 and something tells me that he doesn’t mind crosswinds.

Who will win?

With a prologue, a regular sprint day, a hilly stage and a day with echelons? Mads Pedersen is the man to beat.

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