Skoda Tour de Luxembourg 2023 – Stage 5

The organizers have brought back the the finale from the past editions. Will it be enough to shake things up the GC?


We have approximately 3000 climbing meters over 177 km. It is the last 37.5 km that are very difficult.

So, they do the lap a total of 2.5 times. There are a total of three ascents of the Papeierberg and two of the longer and move even climb, Rue Des Carrières Climb.

After watching the two previous editions of this stage, it is the Papeierberg where you can make the difference. From the top of the last ascent, the riders will have 1200m left.


A much calmer day in terms of the wind, it will not play an impact. It should stay dry to for the riders, which is very good for the race. The corner before the Papeierberg is extremely sharp, but this means riders should stay upright.

How will the stage unfold?

After watching, it is a good stage to try your luck from the breakaway. Gall almost succeeded last year and if it wasn’t for UAE trying to set up a sprint in 2022 for Trentin, he may have succeeded. As it is the Papeierberg where you can make the difference, this is where you need to move.

First time up, many will still be fresh enough to follow. Bastien Tronchon attacking on it the first time in 2022, a very strong attack. It means you can but many teams will have domestiques to close the gap. The second time up is where people start to drop out the back door and the last time is where the best usually go all out.

That means it suits a puncheur.


Healy – he is just a few seconds behind now. That means attacking. I doubt he will distance Hirschi tomorrow, UAE have a strong team.

Hirschi – all about defending. follow Healy and let the team close the rest of the moves. In a sprint, few beat him.

Teuns – we will see him being one of the best uphill but he doesn’t pack a sprint.

Gils – the type of stage where he ecxels. He will challenge for a top-10.

Ulissi – I assume he will be in service to the team but you never know. It is a finale that suits him.

SKA – on the difficult side for him. However, he could open it up early and hope the move holds off.

Madouas – not in the same shape as last year. A top-10.

Aranburu – I think there is a realistic chance he can survive. It all depends on the race calms down over the last ascent on Papeirsberg, if it does, he can win.

Strong – see above.

Benoot – he was not very impressive on stage 3 but he never quits.

Who will win?

I think UAE will set it up for Hirschi.

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