Skoda Tour de Luxembourg 2023 – GC Preview

It is time for the five-day race in Luxembourg.

Stage 1

I already miss SanLuca seeing this profile. We have 2300 meters of climbing throughout the day and most of it is in the center of the stage. Near the end, Côte de Stafelter (2.5 km at 6.6%) may be an attacking point. Otherwise, it will be a sprint in Luxembourg-Kirschberg where the road rises to the line (3 km at 3.7%).

Stage 2

A stage where you are going up or down for most of it. 2700 climbing meters have sneaked into the stage. It is important to note that the gradients are not very difficult. We saw this finish back in 2021 on stage 3. It should end in a bunch sprint.

Stage 3

This is exciting. We are going up to the Chateau de Vianden, a hellish cobbled climb. With 3000 climbing meters, and most of it near the end, it will be a day for the GC. Montée de Niklosbierg is the main climb of the day with 3.6 km at 7.1%. The first part being on cobbles. This is where the race ends too, as they usually go left on the top of the cobbled sector, on the last lap, they turn right towards the castle with an extremely narrow sector with 350 meters left.

Don’t trust the gradients.

Stage 4

The time trial. It will play a big role in the final outcome.

Stage 5

An almost identical stage to the one we saw in 2022. It is a tough stage, suits the characteristics of a one-day race. It has 3000 climbing meters, it is a tough as it looks below.


Strong winds and plenty of rain for Stage 2. What you can expect in the Autumn.


The race suits a rider, who packs a punch and a good time trial.

Ion Izagirre – he rarely performs outside Spain. Yet, given how well he did in Basque Country and recently in GP Montréal, one has to atleast have him as an outsider. He packs a punch and a decent time trial to compete for a top-10. If the weather worsens throughout the week, remember he is a solid rider in wet conditions.

Healy – he was not very impressive in Canada recently. In fact, he hasn’t really been since late July. I wonder if the Irishman has anything left in the tank. The route suits him, and he is a fairly good time trialist despite his stature.

Madouas – second here last year. These roads fit him like a glove. With recent top results in Bretagne Classic and in Canada, it is difficult to look past him again this year. It will be all about defending against the clock.

Geniets – he always provides good support on home turf, hence his 5th overall here last season. One of the reasons is his time trial and another is being local. Some of these stages/climbs he will have done more than anyone else.

Alaphilippe – back at it. It wasn’t too bad in Canada, which brings my hopes up for Loulou. Despite his last two seasons not being pitch perfect, I do not need to tell you of his punch when in top-shape. What worries me most is the long time trial, it has been some time since he put in a good result there.

Van Wilder – he was mighty unlucky in Canada, so do not let the results fool you. Crash in Quebec and puncture in Montréal both with around 50 km left. Then it is just game over. He will challenge for the podium here.

Grossschartner – first UAE option. He is having very good season and he is finding results despite riding for the ever unorganized UAE. He packs a very good sprint and is good on short climbs. Plus, he isn’t half bad against the clock. He is a very good option to have.

McNulty – he is not really living up to what I expected of him. It can be difficult on UAE to do that, ask Marc Soler if he gets enough chances of his own. He packs a solid weapon, the long-range attack and a good time trial. I just wonder, how will he do on the cobbles on stage 3?

Hirschi – he will hope he can put in enough time before the time trial. Otherwise, he will end up as in 2021, where he finished 2nd overall after a poor time trial.

Jorgensen – let’s see where he is at. He can time trial and he can manage cobbles. Is this race a bit too explosive for him? I think so.


⭐⭐⭐⭐ Hirschi
⭐⭐⭐ Madouas, Van Wilder
⭐⭐ Alaphilippe, Healy, Grossschartner
⭐ Jorgensen, Izagirre, Geniets, McNulty

Who will win?

I will take the man in form, a win for Hirschi. Many of the closest competitors are not fantastic against the clock this edition.

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