Renewi Tour 2023 – Stage 2

A time trial. It often carries a big impact on the final GC.


Flat as a pancake. It is very simple, despite the twists and turns. The last 500m look to be the worst in terms of surface.


First man down the ramp at 14:01 and the last 16:45. We could see wet roads for the first riders and the rain could come back and play a role for the last too. I think riding around 15:00 – 16:00 looks to be most optimal. However, the road often dries quite fast. So more or less the same conditions for everyone.


Tarling – third at Worlds was very impressive. He is clearly as specialist. I do not need to say much more, he starts as the man to beat.

Asgreen – he has good days and bad days against the clock. I think he will finish inside the top-10, breaking into the top-5 is possible too.

Bjerg – I think he has Tour-legs, yet it is not confirmed. It is no surprise he has struggled to get the first win against the clock at WT but he has that now. The pressure is off, I think mostly his own pressure on himself. He will fight for the podium.

Foss – The WC title was an evergreen, and evergreens are rarely bad. However, it means he will not fight for the win tomorrow.

Lampaert – punctured today and caught the peloton three KM after in the finale. The legs are good, he will fight for the win.

Affini – no Vuelta for him. I think he looked strong in Burgos, contesting a sprint and working hard in the TTT. I think he ends in the top-5.

Wellens – a big day for my GC hope! I bet he would have loved a harder course, but he should finish inside the top-10.

Dan Hoole – a top-10. He did a wonderful time trial in Tour of Denmark.

Tullett – a rider that goes well against the clock too. His form is unknown, which makes me think a top-10 will be a fine result from him.

Price-Pejtersen – he is very good at this discipline. He is a man who will fly under the radar.

Durbridge – did a good pull today at the front, sadly the team couldn’t follow up. A top-10.


⭐⭐⭐⭐ Tarling
⭐⭐⭐ Bjerg, Lampaert
⭐⭐ Price-Pejtersen, Affini, Asgreen
⭐ Hoole, Tullett, Durbridge, Foss, Wellens

Who will win?

Joshua Tarling.

* Update the morning after writing, I got 11 names and forgot Affini, hence the edit of moving Wellens down and adding Affini to the list.

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