PostNord Danmark Rundt 2023 – Stage 5

A time trial in Helsingør. A city famous for a few things, The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark being one of them and the best beer in Denmark, a Wiibroe.


Starting near the harbor and using the right lane all the way home. I don’t think it is that smart organized. You have to cross the road, where riders start the race to get to the finish. I fear traffic here, cars, motorcycles, cyclist and so on. Other than that, its flat and without that many corners.


Starting early, around 13:00 and podium ceremony at 16:00. Same weather for everyone.


Skjelmose – starts with a skinsuit that does not fit him properly. I am no TT nerd unfortunately so I can’t tell you how much it will cost him. Evenepoel won by just one second in 2021 with his on but WvA lost with his on in 2019. It slows him down significantly, but will he keep the jersey? It will be close.

Pedersen – four seconds behind his teammate. My best guess is they decide it on the road and the loser gives a cold one afterwards. He races in the usual suit, an advantage. Does he want to take the jersey from his teammate? I don’t know.

Wærenskjold – poor man got a puncture the worst place you could imagine, chasing two lads from Lidl-Trek. The podium is still within reach, he is a superb rider against the clock. He will challenge for the stage win.

Cort – you can never be quite sure when he decides to go for a top result against the clock. Now, he should have a reason to do so. He will look to fight for a top-5 given his current form.

Cerny – he has been saving himself for this, and by saving himself I mean working hard for the team. The time trial is a bit too long for him to contest for the win but a top-10 is very likely.

Gate – he loves a time trial, a top-10 for the Kiwi.

Hoole – Same goes for “Dan Ole”, as he goes by in Denmark. A top-10.

Larsen – straight off the track and putting in some decent results here. He is good against the clock, a real underdog for the stage tomorrow.

Van Moer – he could move up a few spots with a good result tomorrow. He is a bit hit or miss against the clock but a top-10 is possible.

Søren Kragh – 40th on stage 3 to Vejle. Not very optimal. I think it is still reasonable for him to finish in the top-10 tomorrow, despite his runs against this clock haven’t been very good.


⭐⭐⭐⭐ Wærenskjold
⭐⭐⭐ Pedersen, Skjelmose
⭐⭐ Larsen, Cerny, Cort
⭐ Van Moer, Søren Kragh, Hoole, Gate

Who will win?

A win for Wærenskjold. Skjelmose to keep the jersey.

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