Tour de Pologne 2023 – Stage 4

A day for the sprinters.



All about that corner with 450m left.

Very tight corner with 450 km left.


Not very warm and mostly tailwind. It will rain throughout the stage.


Merlier – well done by Quick-Step the other day. The late surge worked better than expected and Bennett did a good lead-out for him too. His speed was fantastic, Kooij couldn’t even overtake him. In all fairness, Kooij had to open up quite early. Tomorrow, he will start as the favorite.

Kooij – he is as quick as Merlier but it was not a very clean lead-out. Sure, taking the outside was not the bad move but they should just have continued over there. Instead, they swung back to the others leaving Kooij in the wind too early.

Bennett – not sure what went wrong but he should not open his sprint that far out. Archbold and Mullen need to keep him near the front with 450m to go.

Gaviria – I would be surprised to see him winning but he will get a top-5.

De Klejn – crashed the other day. Quick enough to win here but he will need a bit of luck.

Mareczko – He has the speed but will he start sprinting near the front?


⭐⭐⭐ Kooij
⭐⭐ Bennett, Merlier
⭐ Mareczko, De Klejn, Gaviria

Who will win?

They were not far off getting it right the other day, I will take a win for Kooij.

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