Tour de Pologne 2023 – GC Preview

Stage 1

A bunch sprint finishing on a race track.

Stage 2

First GC day. It should all come down to the last climb of 3.75 km at 6.8%, with the first 1.5 km at 10.6%. The puncheurs will be in the mix too.

Stage 3

A tough day, where we could see a strong breakaway role of the front if none of the bigger teams take control. With rain looming on the last descent, and 800m at 8.2% near the end – it will be an important GC day.

Stage 4

Another day for the sprinters. The wind does look tough this day, it would be smart to monitor it.

Stage 5

I feel this is the classic Tour de Pologne stage, usually ending in a sprint between GC men, puncheurs and sprinters who climb well.

Stage 6

A time trial not too different from the one in 2021.

Stage 7

One last day for the sprinters.


We have three days for puncheurs/GC riders and one time trial. This is where you must perform. We are looking for riders who can punch and time trial.


INEOS – bringing the whole imperial fleet hoping for another win. The riders that I think will go well here is Arensman, Kwiatkowski and Sivakov. The Kwiatkowski we saw in the Tour de France was a fantastic view, he will hope to go well on home soil. Does he still have the punch? Does he still have the TT? I am not sure. Arensman won here last year, but the route was different. He will hope to put in a lot of time against the clock. Sivakov sits there as a third option, as I do not think G is in form yet.

UAE – to challenge them in strenght sits UAE. They bring Wellens, McNulty and former winner Almeida. Some of the finishes suit Wellens perfectly, he has a very strong punch. He has an okay-ish time trial, he will need to have gathered a lot of bonus seconds to keep the lead. McNulty is not the slowest on the line either but he does have a better time trial. And last but not least, Almeida. The route suits him perfectly, he starts the race as the favorite.

Sobrero – he has a punch and a time trial. A top-5 if he has the legs from Tour of Austria.

Kämna – same goes for Kämna. His time trials have vastly improved in the last year or so. I just doubt if he has he punch. He will look at the finishes uphill and attack before the sprint.

Vauquelin – I’m a big fan of his and he can manage short climbs. His time trial will carry him inside the top-10.

Van Wilder – another one I’m a big fan off. Sadly, he does read my preview and go in breakaways during the Giro d’Italia. He has the kick and the time trial to challenge for the podium.

Herregodts – the dark horse. I will not be surprised to see him attacking, getting bonus seconds and see how far it can carry him. His time trial is not as bad as you think, 3rd at the Belgian Nationals is hugely impressive.


⭐⭐⭐⭐ Almeida
⭐⭐⭐ Van Wilder, McNulty
⭐⭐ Kwiatkowski, Arensman, Sobrero
⭐ Herregodts, Vauquelin, Wellens, Sivakov

Who will win?

A win for Almeida, he has the attributes and the team.

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