Tour de France 2023 – Stage 21

It is time for the sprint in Paris.




Phillipsen – he still has very good legs. I think they need to use a lot of domestiques ensuring Phillipsen will win on Champs-Élyssés tommorow. That means the sprint train will be short, likely just three riders moving up before the last turn.

Pedersen – he is still going strong too but I would be surprised to see him winning a boulevard sprint.

Groenewegen – he is here for one reason only and that is the stage tomorrow. He is the second fastest man here, can he and Mezgec time it correctly? I think they can.

Mørkøv – do not underestimate him. He will be up there.

Meeus – he is quick. It is the same question tomorrow as for the rest of the sprint stages. Can he and Van Poppel finally find the synergy? I am not sure but if they do, he should be a podium contender.

Girmay – in my opinion, he is not quick enough to win here tomorrow. He has to hope Teunissen does a fantastic job and will put him in a good position.

Welsford – his best result is a 10th place. Tomorrow is a stage that suits him and we have not forgotten his speed in San Juan. His sprint train has not been at the same level as the other teams, he must hope to find the right wheel in the finale and hope the legs still carry some energy.

Bol – he is quick and more importantly, he is a big rider. That means boxing him out of position is difficult and something that can carry him a long way.

Wærenskjold – the same goes for this Norweigan. I think Uno-X have done well this Tour de France and Søren is the type of rider who could get a breakthrough result tomorrow.

Asgreen – Late attack #1


⭐⭐⭐⭐ Groenewegen
⭐⭐⭐ Pedersen, Phillipsen
⭐⭐ Girmay, Mørkøv, Meeus
⭐ Asgreen, Bol, Wærenskjold, Welsford

Who will win?

I will take a win for Groenewegen.

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