Tour de Suisse 2023 – Stage 6

If you thought the hard stages were gone, you are mistaken. Tomorrow is no easy task either.


Starting off with Albulapass – going the opposite way of today (the descent is being used the other way around). Then the descent which was the ascent today. The straight into the Lenz climb. A tough start.

Then it eases off for a bit before the hilly finale which we will take a deeper look at.

This is the finale. It is difficult but not that difficult.

The Pilgerweg is the first climb, 55 km from the line. A Swiss wall.

Closer to the line, what they call the Islisberg. It has 400m at the center that goes above 14%. From the top there is 9 km left.

Last hill is the one to the finish line. A long drag. Perfect for a late move.


Expect a rainy day in the first half before a dry race to the line. A calm 2 m/s wind from the NW which means a headwind throughout the day.

How will the stage unfold?

Starting with Trek-Segafredo, I think they will be fairly happy seeing a break go up the road. No need to anything. It is AG2R and UAE who must control the breakaway if they want a stage win. Both of their leaders already have one.

The early climbing makes it ideal for the breakaway to form. It will be very tough to control the beginning, you will have to burn a lot of domestiques early on. To me, this stage is just suited for the breakaway. We will likely see GC action with in the last 10 km or so too.


Updated 21:20.

Schachmann – It seems that after nearly two poor seasons he is on his way back. 10th on stage 3 and 22nd today is a very good sign going into the next two stages that suit him very much. If feels like ages ago we saw him at his very best and finally, it looks to be a something for the near-future.

Wout van Aert – how many matches did he burn today? I think he stands a better chance at stage 7 or the time trial to be fair. The terrain near the end is better for him tomorrow, still, he is here to prepare for the Tour de France.

Gregoire – let’s see what he can do! The finish suits him tomorrow, he is more of a puncheur than a climber. He has also had good results the last three stages, showing he got the legs to fight for a stage win.

Pidcock – first INEOS rider. Sheffield with a nasty crash means the rest of them should be allowed up the road. Where are the legs we know he sometimes has? Take a dice, roll it. Odd numbers mean he goes well and even means he will underperform. Jokes aside, he can also win this from a reduced GC sprint. The terrain in the finale 55 km is also much better suited for him.

Narvaez – climbing well enough to get in the early breakaway. He likes the shorter segments compared to the mountains. I think he will be up there tomorrow, either from the breakaway or helping Pidcock to some degree.

Ben Tulett – climbing very well just now. We saw him briefly bringing Pidcock back, or trying to, then he sat up. He won Tour of Norway, he should still have good enough legs to challenge for a win. He is some puncheur. He goes very well on steep gradients.

Aranburu – lost a lot of time today, I think he fancies his chances from the break tomorrow. He is a good enough climber to get in the morning breakaway, otherwise he will try to bridge on the descent(s). In an uphill sprint, is this too difficult? I don’t think so.

Søren Kragh – needs a Tour de France spot. He has been saving himself all week for the next two stages. Expect fireworks.

Gall – good in an uphill sprint from a GC group.

Skjelmose – same goes for Mattias.

Ayuso – he came out of nowhere today, seems he just needed a few more stages in the legs.


⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ben Tulett
⭐⭐⭐ SKA, Aranburu
⭐⭐ Skjelmose, Ayuso, Pidcock
⭐ Narvaez, Gall, Wout van Aert, Schachmann

Who will win?

I think we will see the win from the breakaway or a late attack. I will take a win from the young Brit, Ben Tulett, he has impressed me a lot in the past month.

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