Tour de Suisse 2023 – Stage 5

Felix Gall – he took me by surprise. Will they look to extend the lead with the TT coming up or is tomorrow one for the breakaway?


We get high up into the altitudes tomorrow. Two early climbs should fancy anyone who wants to try their luck from the breakaway.

Early part of this stage is not that easy.

This is the last climb. Not easy either. With a descent to the line and altitudes above 2300m, expect a GC fight.

After this, a descent with a few hairpins to the line.


Expect rain near the finale. Headwind for the early part of the race, not ideal for the break. Then, a tailwind after the first half of the race – the wind of change.

How will the stage unfold?

If you would have told me a few days ago that Felix Gall would have Ayuso and Evenepoel look like domestiques, I would have called you a fool. Now he has the jersey but he needs a bigger lead. The form he is carrying is no longer matches, he is a torch. I do not think they want to set up the stage win tomorrow but they will set up the last climb.

So, who controls the early moves? Still AG2R. They have a decent team to control the race but now the focus is on the GC. I think they should look to control everyone who is attacking within the four-minute mark. I think a lot of riders are allowed up the road tomorrow, with the two early climbs, you can bet they want to try their luck!

For the last climb, I think we will see a high tempo by Quick-Step or UAE. They need to try something. The thing is, they will not drop Gall – he is stronger than them right now.


Pidcock – I thought he would be climbing better! He has now lost a great deal of time. The early climbs may even prove to difficult for him which feels odd when you know he has won on Alpe d’Huez. The last climb is quite steady, we are talking 6% for the last 8km. On the descent we know what he is capable off.

Powless – underperforming. I’ve seen him as a medium mountains guy – the American Jesus Herrada! I think he is better though. Uran sits high up in the GC, which may limit him from attacking in the morning.

Fuglsang – said he wanted a stage win today, well, he was not in the move. It also seems age is catching up, still – I think he may hold a surprise or two.

Knox – likely on Evenepoel duty. I hope they give him the chance.

Uran – high altitudes, South-American is the way!

Ayuso – the young prodigy. Well, today he was not living up the expectations of many! Tomorrow is another good change of proving why he is such a big talent.

Bilbao – the attack on the descent? It is written in the stars.

Skjelmose – very fast on the line, very fast downhill.

Gall – the best climber at the moment. He may just smoke everyone tomorrow.

Evenepoel – usually has problems at high altitude but he is still the best climber on paper here.


⭐⭐⭐⭐ Powless
⭐⭐⭐ Bilbao, Gall
⭐⭐Skjelmose, Uran, Pidcock
⭐ Ayuso, Knox, Evenepoel, Fuglsang

Who will win?

I’ve got to go with by gut, I think the breakaway takes this. A win for Neilson Powless.

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