Critérium du Dauphiné 2023 – Stage 4

Now it is finally time to look at the time trial.


It is a long one of those, 31 km. Quite hilly too.

Starts going NW before going more or less W until the line.


A warm and sunny day. It also looks like the wind will be the same for everyone.


Vingegaard – He should be in a league of his own here due to the hilly status of the route. He will be a tough rider to beat, he is exceptional at long time trials.

Cavagna – likely the man to beat him. He prefers a shorter and flatter route. Still, he should be a serious contender for the podium.

A. Yates – take a dice and roll. Odd numbers mean he goes well, even means he will do poorly. He can challenge for the podium or end 20th.

N. Oliviera – Movistar have been going really well on hilly time trials. This is another one of those. He will finish in the top-10.

Jorgenson – I can’t believe I have two Movistar riders for a time trial but the same goes here. Jorgensen will be challenging for the podium today.

Martinez – the same goes for Martinez. He is one of the GT riders who do really well against the clock. The issue is, you never know if he will be challenging for the win or the top-10. Something tells me in the middle.

Rodriguez – 4th in a long time trial in La Vuelta last season. This should suit him better. I expect him to finish somewhere near top-5.

Bjerg – Another top-10 for the collection. He has been out training a bit with Pogacar, let’s see if that gives him just that extra.

Herregodts – form is very good just now, despite a bit of help from a moto. He was 10th in the long time trial in Algarve. Is it enough for a top-10 here?

B. Thomas – prefers a shorter time trial that’s pan flat. Still, should fight for a top-10.


⭐⭐⭐⭐ Vingegaard
⭐⭐⭐ Cavagna, Jorgensen
⭐⭐ Martinez, Rodriguez, Bjerg
⭐ Herregodts, Oliviera, B. Thomas, A. Yates

Who will win?

An important day in the GC, a stage win for Vingegaard.

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