Giro d’Italia 2023 – Stage 21

All roads lead to Rome.


A flat one.

Circuit in Rome

They do six laps in total. Rome is one of the most beautiful cities there is. The get close to the border of the Vatican City in the north to the Colosseum with 1 km to go. It has it all. The last 1750m of each lap is on cobbles but they should not course any problems.

Looking at the finale, it is quite important to utilize the width of the road. You can move up fairly late. I assume the way around Colosseum is where you need to be at the front because the width of the road after is severely narrower I would argue. So, the last “good” spot to move up is from 2.5 km -> 1.25 km to go.


Not a lot of wind, could rain a little bit meaning wet cobblestones in Rome.


Ackermann – can he take another one in Rome? I think the team has plenty of firepower to get him near the front – everyone but Almeida can help. The relationship with him and Gibbons is still doubtful but he can challenge for the win.

Gaviria – with the whole team at his disposal, he should stand s good chance of getting a good result. I can’t imagine Movistar being happy with their top sprinter not taking a win yet.

Milan – he is the fastest man here, there is no doubt about it. The team is not the strongest but he does have Pasqualon to guide him. He will challenge for the win.

Cavendish – he has a poor train and it will make it difficult to win. All about finding the right wheelm

Dainese – he has a very good train with Markl and Mayrhofer. He is mighty quick, expect him on the podium.

Marit – they have a short train but they have a lot of speed when it comes to flat. A too-5 would be an excellent.

Who will win

I pick the fastest man here, Jonathan Milan.

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