Tour de Romandie 2023 – Stage 4

It is time to decide the GC for good.


Anzére, Suen and Thyon 2000. This is very different from anything we have seen so far in this race.

I highly doubt the other climbs will have a huge impact on the results. It is all about Thyon 2000.

It is just such a long and difficult effort. It is an hour long effort.


No wind and a small chance of rain. There should be no riders crashing on the final straight due to cold weather this year around.

How will the stage unfold?

Only one option. It is GC day.


Ayuso – sits in the GC lead with some margin. Now, we have seen him sprint and time trial. Now, with just a months training this year, Thyon 2000 is his challenge. I think it is too much for him to be fair, I think holding on to the jersey will be difficult.

Yates – 3rd today is the sign I needed from him. He will be very difficult to beat. The question for the team must be, do they trust him to beat Jorgensen and Foss? I would.

Jorgensen – With question marks surrounding Ayuso, he sits in a good position to take the overall lead. I do not think he can win but he will finish on the podium tomorrow.

Caruso – form is better after he got his ass kicked on home soil. He should look to move up in the GC tomorrow. A win is unlikely, but he will be in contention for the podium.

Mäder – let’s see what all the hype is about. He will be the attacking option for Bahrain-Victorious. Knowing how well he usually climbs in Switzerland, he is a serious contender for the stage.

Bardet – the form is good. He sits a minute down more or less and it gives a bit of freedom. He packs a very fast sprint uphill after a fast day.

Lenny Martinez – big day for the young lad. A top-10.

Pinot – His prime is behind him. A top-10.

Woods – won here in 2021. He has saved everything for this stage. He is no threat in the GC – few will be able to follow him tomorrow.

Gloag – the big test. I hope he performs and a top-10 would be a big result for him.


⭐⭐⭐⭐ A. Yates
⭐⭐⭐ Woods, Bardet
⭐⭐ Ayuso, Mäder, Jorgensen
⭐ Gloag, Pinot, Martinez, Caruso

Who will win?

A battle between Woods and A. Yates. UAE to keep the jersey but it changes to A. Yates. Thyon 2000 is simply too demanding for an upset.

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