Volta ao Algarve em Bicicleta 2023 – Stage 5

A time trial to seal the GC.


Similar to the ones used in the past, but they have implemented a new section from 9 km left – 4.5 km left. Otherwise, similar to the route TT here in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. Last year, it was a longer TT.

The winning time is often just above 24 minutes (on the 20.3 km route), I would say close to 30 minutes with the new router.


Start time around 12:15 with the last rider finished before 16:00, both local times.

Dry conditions for all riders, with the wind being more or less the same too. The first 15.5 km are mainly cross headwind, afterwards more cross tailwind.


Ganna – he has been riding very well and sits just 30 seconds down on the yellow jersey. In my book, when he is in good form, he is the best TT rider in the world. Tomorrow, he should finish on the podium giving his current form and the motivation for the overall win.

Küng – he has four podium placements in the Algarve TT and he won it in 2019. It makes him one of the favorites for tomorrow. He sits 1:05 down on the jersey, having troubles on the climb today. Tomorrow is his terrain, I would be surprised to see him not being on the podium.

Asgreen – it makes me happy to see him racing again and being race competitive. He surely will bounce back after last year. He won the TT here in 2021, but the competition was not that difficult. He should be challenging for the top-5, I don’t think he has spent a lot of time on the TT bike lately.

Foss – World TT champ. You don’t win that by being lucky. He will be happy to know it is merely 32 seconds he sits behind Pidcock, that is manageable. I hope to see challenging for the win.

Cavagna – attacked today, not sure how smart that is with the TT in mind. He should be challenging for the podium, but a top-5 result is perhaps more realistic.

Arensman – sadly out of the GC battle after mechnical on stage 2. I think he has saved himself a bit for this one. It also makes him one of the earlier starters of the favorites, that could make it a bit difficult to win. A top-10.

Bissegger – saving himself all week for this one. I think the course is too long for his liking and perhaps too hilly as well. A top-10 result.

Cort – did not really have to much in the tank for Malhao. He looks very strong at the moment and I don’t think it is unrealistic seeing him potentially fighting for a a top-5 result tomorrow.

Van Wilder – just five seconds behind Pidcock. That is manageable for him. He is not a bad time trialist at all with top 10 results in the past. I don’t see him winning, but he should get a top-10 placement with ease.

Mollema – he has become better and better against the clock. He sits 11th overall at the moment but after tomorrow, he should finish in the top-10 overall. I can’t see him winning, but another contender for top-10.

Almeida – sits 3rd overall. Just seven seconds behind the race leader. In my GC preview, I mentioned his TT. It is good but often hit or miss. He could be top-5 tomorrow or top-20. I feel like you never can tell with Almeida. His second place today was a good indication that a top-10 tomorrow should be in place.

Who will win?

It is a very stacked field. I will start by saying Pidcock will lose the jersey – Van Wilder or Almeida are in the best spot for the overall victory. For tomorrow, it is Ganna as my pick. He is looking amazing.

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