Volta ao Algarve em Bicicleta 2023 – Stage 2

Back with the mountain top finish. This usually ends in a GC sprint with a local or two trying to get some TV time before the inevitable sprint.

The Route

Quite flat before the finale. The last 33 km are the toughest but the gradients are not too steep.

Alto da Foia is the climb at hand. I think the best riders will have a hard time distancing each other – it will be up to those with a quick sprint to try and gather the bonus seconds at the top.


Just around 20 degrees C, not a lot of wind either. A headwind on Foio, as the wind blows from the east.


Higuita – he was in a good position last year before he and Foss went down. On paper, few can beat him in a sprint like this. It has sort of become his specialty to win uphill GC sprints. With Hindley there, one could argue he will not race for himself, but I’m fairly certain he will. Think back to Romandie with Vlasov. Higuita most likely rides for himself.

Foss – he should look to finish in the same group as the other favorites. The big day for him is the TT.

Madouas – his form is not half bad. I think he can do well on a finish like this, potentially be in the mix for a top-5.

Martinez – 5th here in 2022, he should hope for the same tomorrow.

Pidcock – It is difficult to argue it is too hard for him, given he won on Alpe d’Huez, but he usually does not start the season off with a bang.

Rui Costa – reborn. I think he will be challenging for a win, his current form is out of this world. He was fourth here back in 2020 – something of a realistic result to aim for again.

Barguil – a fast finisher uphill. A top-10.

Onley – he was good in Figueira Champions Classic despite the group of 6 not staying out front for long. He is in good shape and I think he is not far off competing with some of the best in the world on a finish like this.

Almeida – the home favorite. UAE have a good team to control the climb for Almeida. He should be one of the quickest. He will be challenging for the win.

Charmig – the Dane did a fantastic performance in Valencianna. Another top-10 from him tomorrow.

Who will win?

I will take a win for Higuita, he stays upright tomorrow.

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