Vuelta a Espana 2022 – Stage 7

A day with a long climb in the middle of it and a few hills at the start. This looks too hard for the sprinters and too easy for the GC men. Everything points towards a breakaway victory.

The Route

The race starts with somewhat hilly terrain, quite similar to the last few days. It is difficult to say when or where precisely the break will form, but it looks like being a rouleur is the type of rider we will look at.

The climb is the most important aspect of the stage. The odd thing is, we don’t have any climbs after it and the top is 63 km from the line.


A day with almost no wind. A bit of rain in the early stages, but not near the end. The temperatures will be around 20 degrees.

How will the stage unfold?

As mentioned, it will be too hard for all the sprinters. One cheeky attempt could be from Pedersen to try and go in the morning break but that would result in everyone wanting to get rid of him (and they can), and hold him off.

None of the GC teams should be concerned either. It looks like a day where we will either see a big group sprint from the breakaway or a long solo.


Fred Wright – he almost had it the other day. He is looking amazing. One of the riders who will soon take a big win. Tomorrow could be a good opportunity, but I think a lot of eyes will be on him as they know he is going very well.

Thomas de Gendt / Sweeny – those are my choices for Lotto-Soudal. They should not have any problems getting in the break or surviving the climb. If they have two options, they have a good chance both following moves and making them.

Vendrame – the sort of stage he likes. He should hope to have a teammate with him at the front. Very few can beat him on the line in a reduced group.

Armirail – he got the engine which is his thing tomorrow. If they give him 10 meters, he will be tough to reel back in again.

Impey / De Marchi / Bevin – they have three riders. Impey managed a 2nd place on stage 4, despite crashing on earlier stages. He will like his chances from a breakaway sprint. Will the Italian help him do so? De Marchi did not look at his best on stage 4, but I have noticed he does well in colder weather. Bevin is another rider, who has a big engine and can sprint. They have three good options in my book.

Arndt – he is looking good and he likes this type of stage. He is faster than you think and he climbs very well.

Craddock – he looked good on stage 4. He got the engine for a solo win as well.


⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fred Wright

⭐⭐⭐ Arndt, Impey

⭐⭐ De Marchi, Sweeny, Vendrame

⭐ Craddock, Bevin, Armirail, Thomas de Gendt

Who will win?

It is likely he will be alone in the breakaway tomorrow, which will make his life difficult but he is looking very, very strong just now. A win for Fred Wright.

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