Vuelta a Burgos 2022 – Stage 5

The last stage and perhaps the most important of them all. Once again, the peloton visit Lagunas de Neila. Looking at the previous winners on this climb, it is the skinny ones that often seal the deal.

Lagunas de Neila

What you really should be looking at is the last hard section when the turn left. That is the hardest section and where the real selection is made.


Another day with almost no wind and hot temperatures.


Sivakov – the race leader. He has a very strong team to support him and they should be able to do so until the finale. Here, it will be the legs speaking and at the moment, he has very good legs. I doubt anyone can take the jersey away from him but I am not certain he will take the stage win.

Lopez – probably the best on these gradients, or one of them. He was one of the few that could bridge Sivakov but lost contact afterwards. It was a good sign from him after his long break and suspension. Sitting 42 seconds down, I doubt he will be the first rider Sivakov decides to chase.

Sosa – a very good rider on these gradients. He won here in 2018, 2019 and 2020. He is also sitting a bit down in GC which could be beneficial for him. I think if he was 100%, he would have been with the best over Picon Blanco and he was not.

Guerreiro – normally very good on short and steep climbs but I think he is still a level or two behind the very best.

Buitrago – now he has to attack, something he is very good at. The skinny climber does well on these type of climbs. He has the team to help him stay at the front, but he would have to finish the job.

Hindley – looked good in Picon Blanco despite a crash the day before. I still do not think he is 100% which will make it hard for him to win. Normally, he does not shine in week long races.


⭐⭐⭐ Lopez

⭐⭐ Sivakov, Sosa

⭐ Hindley, Buitrago, Guerreiro

Who will win?

I will take a win for Superman Lopez.

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