Tour du Suisse 2022 – Stage 8

A flat time trial to finish off Tour du Suisse.

This is a time trial for the specialists. It has just 130 climbing meters and just a few bumps. It will be the long straights where you take time on your opponents.


The first rider is down the ramp at 14:10 and since it is a small peloton, Higuita is down the ramp at 15:50. Everyone should have about the same conditions. Hot and not windy.


Evenepoel – starts as the favorite. He would have hoped to be in a better GC position to seal the overall win here in Vaduz. Instead, he must go for the stage win. He rolled over his competition in Portugal in February on a similar course, beating Küng with 1 minute. Can he do the same today? He has not been impressive here in Suisse.

Küng – now a father. Surely, that is motivation. I think he is the only one who can beat Evenepoel. When he is in good form, he can beat the very best – we saw it at the Euro Champs last year. Küng is carrying good form and Evenepoel looks tired. Perhaps he stands a good chance.

Thomas – taking the win here. He will likely ride a bit save towards the end just to make sure he does not crash.

Schachmann – form is good, but he has not produced a good TT in a long time. With a lot of riders leaving, he could fight for a top-5.

Bevin – we will see if seven days of racing here has improved his form. He could take a surprise podium.-

Van Wilder – has looked good. A top-5 is doable.

Who will win?

A win for the home favorite, Stefan Küng. He is just looking better than Evenepoel as we speak.

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