Criterium du Dauphiné 2022 – Stage 5

With the first major GC test, we are on to the easiest stage – if you look at numbers, at this year’s race. The stage has just 2000 climbing meters, it should be the most suited stage for the sprinters.

The last hills…

The main thing is – are these climbs too hard for Groenewegen? We will have to see which teams want to make his life a living hell.

The last five km

Fairly simple – a classic boulevard sprint.


A cross-headwind in the first half of the stage and a cross-tailwind in the second half. No rain and mild temperatures.

How will the stage unfold?

Expect BikExchange to take the lead for Groenewegen. This is his best shot. I do not expect to have J-V ride for another stage win, they should prioritize the stages in the weekend. INEOS? I think they know Hayter can not beat anyone. I think they want to save themselves for the weekend too. That is about it.

I think it will be BEX against the breakaway.


Groenewegen – he should be the fastest man here and it is the last chance of BEX to get a stage win on one of the sprint stages. Things are as usual – they will have to work all day. They do hope another team wants to control the morning move. The next quest is the last few hills. Will he survive? I actually think so. After two easy days – he should be able to.

WvA – he has gone for the win for four days straight. Jumbo want to keep the jersey – I think they will take a stage if they can. I think (and hope) their eyes are on the weekend, I do not think they will work a lot for another sprint for WvA. If Groenewegen is dropped, he will win.

Hayter – I was very surprised by his TT. He should do well tomorrow. I can not see him beating Groenewegen if it is an easy day or WvA if it is a hard day.

Thomas – breakaway contender #1

Cavagna – breakaway contender #2

Honoré – breakaway contender #3

Geniets – breakaway contender #4

Politt – breakaway contender #5

Who will win?

I doubt anyone wil help BEX. I think Quick-Step got this. A win for Honoré.

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