UAE Tour 2022 – Stage 6

The last of the sprints. The Dubai stage.

We have some of the race taking part more out in the desert but it is fairly early on.

The last five km

Not a lot to talk about, a wide road and a right bend towards the end.


Sunny, with the wind blowing from 4-5 m/s. I do not think it is enough for echelons. There are some open areas in the last 20 km or so, going from tailwind to crosswind, so it is a possibility.

How will the race unfold?

We will see the teams with a sprinter take control. We still have a lot of team’s without a stagewin.


Phillipsen has been very dominant so far, and I doubt anyone can stop him.

Cavendish with a mechanical today in the finale. I wonder if they would have timed it correctly, afterall, it is Mørkøv. They will give it another go tomorrow.

Bennett has had three perfect lead-outs but not a single win. It was clear today that someone is faster than him, but with a bend in the road tomorrow, he is likely to get the best racing line. Is it enough? I do not think so.

Groenewegen and the new train do not seem to work. They always fall apart but had four men trying to come to the front under the flamme rouge. It was too late at that point as they did not have the space to go inside the others. Another chance tomorrow.

Ackermann – same as yesterday, not enough help and not quick enough.

Viviani will need to surf some wheels. INEOS is doing a fine job getting him to the front but he needs to finish it by himself.

Kooij is doing very well. He is good in the battle for position but I doubt he has the speed.

Who will win?

Phillipsen looks very dominant at the moment.

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