UAE Tour 2022 – Stage 5

We are back for another battle between the sprinters.

Below you have the timetable as well as the overview. This stage takes place in both cities and the countryside. The countryside is where we may see echelons, if the wind is blowing.

The last five km.

We have seen this finish before. It was last year Sam Bennett took a win. The finish is quite simple. They ride for the u-turn and head back in the opposite direction. A little bend in the road towards the end. I wonder if the finish line is just a little bit further, as the finish last year had a little bend afterward to the opposite side. It will give you a little fewer centimeters to sprint, which often determines the winner.


I am sorry to disappoint you, but the wind does not seem to come out to play tomorrow. The wind speed will be 3-4 m/s from W, NW. This means we will see a tailwind sprint.

How will the race unfold?

I think it will be straightforward. The wind means we will see a sprint.


Cavendish took a win on stage 2. A long headwind sprint. Mørkøv is doing his job at the moment. On stage 1 he got boxed in a bit but stage 2 was a masterclass by the Brit.

Phillipsen is doing very well. I was a bit of a fool for underestimating him. He is very, very quick. A long sprint is optimal for him, therefore the tailwind is good. Another podium finish atleast.

Bennett and Bora-Hansgrohe have been doing very well, until the final 300 meters in the last two sprints. Too late to put the hammer down on the first stage and boxed in the second time. Eventually, they will get it right.

Ackermann did not even look close on the first stage. He did not have the speed at all. He was in the best wheel. He got boxed in a bit on stage 2 by Phillipsen, I understand his frustration. At the moment and without support, I think it will be difficult to win.

Groenewegen has the big train with him but it has not been working. Stage one they managed to find their way up but they were not in synergy. They almost managed to get through with 800 meters left but lost Groenewegen in the process. On stage 2, they were better coordinated, six riders together with 2000 meters left. Again, it fell apart. Cyclingmole wrote they have too many riders. I agree – and I hope they fix it.

Viviani will sprint for another podium, it will be too difficult without help.

Who will win?

I think BikeExchange will have sorted their troubles. I will take a win for Groenewegen.

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